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Since 1972, GM has provided industry leading training opportunities to qualified minorities to help prepare them to become future dealers and to help them succeed once they become dealers. GM was the first US automaker to institute a structured minority dealer initiative in the industry.

Through Minority Dealer Development, General Motors has created an arena through which potential minority dealers can be nurtured to success, and current minority dealers can get the necessary counseling and assistance to grow their businesses.

The General Motors Minority Dealer Development Program is coordinated through various entities and focuses on candidate development and training, the selection of a dealership opportunity for a minority candidate and the retention of minority dealerships.

The mission of the General Motors Minority Dealer Development (MDD) Program is to grow a performance driven, customer-focused, and profitable dealer network by attracting highly qualified minority dealer candidates for dealership opportunities in the United States, demonstrating GM’s commitment to a diverse dealer network as a business imperative.
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